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Simple and smart solutions with a high degree of creative power.


since 2012

9mm is a digital advertising agency started in Santiago, Chile with a focus in the areas of Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Google Ads, SEO and Websites.


A company designed to meet the current needs of digital transformation

We are pioneers in working remotely online and with different people from different parts of the world united by the desire to do a great job while maintaining a stress-free work environment, designed to attract like-minded people and clients who they enjoy our culture.


We have specialized in conducting marketing campaigns for businesses, companies and brands with a digital need

Our goal is to bring companies and brands closer to their consumers through technology and creativity. We have the experience of working in various sectors such as cosmetics, tourism, restaurants, breweries and cultural events of art, music and sports, however we are not limited to the industry, size or location.

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Some of the tools we use frequently

Google Analytics
Google Ads
Google Ads Display
Facebook ADS
Youtube Advertising
Amazon Web Services

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8 years in different sectors